Govan Brown



On Friday, February 21st, some of our employees in our Toronto office, geared with enthusiasm, made a trip to the Mississauga Golf Club for an afternoon of curling.  Organized by team leader Sarah Paul, Govan Brown took to the ice just hours after watching our Canadian men win curling gold in Sochi.  The majority of our staff had never held a stone before but took to the 44lbs pieces of granite like veterans.  After an hour of being taught the basics  by   


the resident pro, we took to our own matches-pitting co-worker against co-worker.  Despite a couple of slips an falls, and the accompanying bruises, our fellow Govan Brown staff competed vigorously. Our sweeping attention was only stolen from the button when it was time for lunch. Feasting on poutine and watching Canada beat the United States in the Olympic hockey semi-finals complemented the already great Canadian day in progress


After a short respite, we returned to the sheet for another few hours of curling.  Unfortunately, afer an afternoon of yelling "hurry hard," we were dragged off the ice kicking and screaming.  We climbed back on the yellow school bus with a new found appreciation for a great sport; some thining of purchasing their own brooms.