Govan Brown



Earlier this month, Govan Brown's Calgary office got an opportunity to cool down for th a weekend in Canmore, Alberta for their Christmas party.  Canmore, located just an hour west of Calgary, provided the perfect mountainous backdrop for celebrating the holidays.  Govan Brown employees ventured from all parts of the country to join in on the fun.  Mike Hoitnik and Dwayne Hopkins arrived withbells and whistles on from Winnipeg.  Vince Gilbertson

and Jared Hagen with smiles all aglow from Edmonton and Sarah Paul with her naughty and nice list from Toronto.  The evening began with everyone arriving at Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre to freshen up and settle inot their hotel rooms provided by Partner Troy Braithwaite.  Dinner commenced at 6:30 at Murrieta's Bar & Grill for fine dining, fine wine and great company.  It was a wonderful gathering with everyone bringing in their significant other

and friends to take part in the festivities.  After a delicious dinner, members of the entourage sojourned to a local watering hole known as The Drake.  After a few more cocktails, an uncoordinated dance party ensured (which was fortunately captured on video to be used for extortionary purposes at a later date).  The party proved what many suspected; Govan Brown works smart but we also play just as hard.