Govan Brown


On November 8th, Govan Brown was proud to host a group of 8 youth from St. Alban's Boys and Girls club in our Toronto headquarters. St. Alban's, in partnership with Rogers' Raising the Grade Program, inquired as to whether Govan Brown may be able to provide some information to some of the youth that were interested in the prospect of one day becoming Project Managers and Site Superintendents. Upon arrival, the group was guided on a tour of the Govan Brown headquarters, settling into the executive boardroom for a presentation of Govan Brown's  way of doing things and to  ask Govan Brown  employees 

about their jobs.  After a brief slideshow that showcased the events we throw and the charities we support along with also showing our latest Govan Brown video about the construction of our new space. Afterwards, two Govan Brown employees, Tom Mason and Jason Pereira, answered questions regarding their respective positions. Among the many queries, ears were most intently tuned to what educational channels should one pursue, how one were to enter the Estimating, Project Management or on-site fields, and invevitably, how much does  one make in the construction management  industry. These  questions  

we're answered in full and hopefully provided our guests with a better understanding of the industry and Govan Brown as a whole. The evening was wrapped up with a few games of pool then the boys and girls of St. Alban's left with some new Govan Brown swag. It is our hope that we provided an insight to the fortitude required to pursue this line of work while also providing some inspiration to meet their goals and become construction professionals. We hope to work with St. Albans Boys and Girls Club again soon.