Govan Brown



 Govan Brown takes in a jays game

One of the perks of having an office in Toronto is our proximity to the Rogers Centre and Canada's only professional baseball team, the Blue Jays. After work one summer evening, 45 Govan Brown employees visited the ballpark to see our Jays battle American League rivals, Houston Astros. Seated ideally on the right field fould line, our large consortium of cheering fans, with home-fashioned   signs coordinated a synchronized message for

the home team. On the court of three, our staff stood up and displayed a combined sign that read "Govan Brown Love the Jays" landing us a spot on the coveted jumbo-tron. With our primary goal achieved, we settled in to watch the rest of the game. With pitcher, Mark Buehrle, on the mound, the Blue Jays cruised to a 4-0 win, scoring three runs in the seventh inning to seal the deal. Elevated  by  the  win, our

staff departed with foam finger relics of a great sporting evening.Govan Brown's heavy involvemnt and active participation in sports is a cornerstone of our organization. We take pride in the team of our cites and our communities, from kids to professionals. We look forward to attending another game this summer and once again earning a place on the largest screen in Canadian Baseball.