Govan Brown



Govan Brown's annual Christmas party was held once again, on a snowstorm that befell Toronto on Thursday, December 11.  Despite almost a foot of snow, Govan Brown employees showed up in full force at downtown Toronto's  bowling  bar,  The Ballroom.   The  event was a

great opportunity for office and site personnel to mix and mingle during the holiday season.  The evening began at 6:30 with the focal bowling tournament commencing at 7:30.  Despite pre-organized teams being arranged prior to the  event,  after  a  few  frames, the teams began to meld

into one another until every one was playing for fun rather than competitioin.  Beyond bowling, party-goers played pool, ate fine finger foods, filled up at the poutine bar and took advantage of the open bar.  The event was a great pre-cursor to the upcoming holidays.