Govan Brown



Govan Brown has maintained a close connection with local Queen Victoria Public School in Parkdale for a number of years. In that time, we have implemented many initiatives to assist many kids in the school. Most recently, Govan Brown has begun a new meal program titled appropriately “Breakfast with Govan Brown.” In addition to the many programs that our organization already funds, the Breakfast with Govan Brown initiative allows employees to personally aide in improving the community. On the last Friday every month, Govan Brown employees donate their time to making and serving breakfast to students who may, without our help, go to school on empty stomachs.  Previously we have participated in many other programs with QVPS. Past initiatives include the Reading Readiness Program, the Morning Meal Snack Program, Spoon Drive, Backpack Program and our annual Coat and Boot Drive.  The Reading Readiness Program was introduced to help kids with their reading abilities. Since the majority of students at QVPS are 1st generation Canadians, they are primarily sp-


eaking English as a second language. To assist their development, Govan Brown employees donate their lunch time to help students improve their reading skills. In a one-on-one setting, the kids get to read to an audience –greatly improving their literacy skills in a casual setting.  In an effort to promote healthy eating habits and choices, Govan Brown implemented the Morning Meal Snack Program. It is an initiative that provides breakfast to students who may not have  sufficient food for any given day. Furthermore, the meals provided are nutritional. As is the case with the “Breakfast with Govan Brown Program,” this initiative was founded on the belief that students learn better on full stomachs.  The Spoon Drive is a program that was developed in conjunction with many of our onsite practices. We donated over 4,000 spoons to the 800 student-school in an effort to eliminate unnecessary waste. Previously, many of the kids were being given plastic cutlery to eat their meals. Thanks to the Spoon Drive, we were able to eliminate the superfluous waste that the plastic cutlery pre-


sented.  The Backpack Program has been one of our most successful programs in recent years. We donate backpacks and school supplies to new students who may not have the proper learning tools. Donated to children on a must-need basis, the Backpack Program ensures that all of the students at QVPS have the proper equipment to excel inan academic setting.  Our Annual Coat and Boot Drive is by far one of our most important QVPS programs. As previously mentioned many of the students at QVPS are new to Canada and as such are not properly prepared for our harsh winters. We collect gently used winter garments and donate them to students in need to ensure that they are properly prepared for the winter months.  At Govan Brown we are not only interested in building projects but also building communities. Our involvement with Queen Victoria Public School has been as beneficial to us as we hope it has been for the students. We look forward to a continuing partnership with the important Parkdale institution.