Govan Brown


On Saturday, June 27, despite a steady drizzle that greyed the Toronto morning, Govan Brown employees and their families gathered at the Balmy Beach Club for a summer party. The large, ornamented hall was filled with beach and Muskoka paraphernalia as the theme for this year's party as "The Tragically, Hip Summer Beach BBQ" and thus all things distinctly Canadian were represented. In the spirit of the theme, the signature drink for  the event  was a  "Rock

Shot," (in reference to curling) that - when poured and mixed - took on a clear and red hue matching the Canadian flag. The atmosphere was enhanced by a banner depicting a fresh Kawartha landscape that we placed Muskoka chairs in front for pictures. Beside this vignette was a little playground for the kids with sand castle building materials, beach balls and frisbees. For the adults, there was a  fully  stocked bar; and gaining courage

from the contents within, one was apt to give the Karaoke machine a go, which many did, although we wish they hadn't! As the event name implies, and as most Saturday cottage afternoon should entail, the day was perfected by a large BBQ feast. As we ate and listened to the questionable Karaoke skills of our friends and co-workers, we forgot about the rain outside.