Govan Brown


On Thursday, August 6th, Govan Brown's Calgary team gathered for a summer party at National On 10th. The bar, which is also home to a bowling alley and other rec room games, was the ideal location for the group to kick back, unwind, and meet some GB Toronto employees whose visit "coincidently" coincided with this open bar event. Partner, Andy Kohler flew in from Vancouver; Joe Kirk and Sarah Paul flew in from Toronto  to  partake in  the  festivities  and


congratulate the team for great 1st and wnd quarter. Preliminary greetings and niceties were exchanged at dinner. The crew chowed down at a large beerhall picnic table and caught up on all things not-business. After enjoying a heart helping of pub fare, the group was spit into team to bowl it out. Phil Disney a.k.a "Waltz" (get it?) took an early lead and after the fifth frame he accumulated 76 points. Not to be outdone Trevor Howie, a.k.a "Hawt Pantz"


(a nick name given to him by the marketing crew), trailed close behind rolling a 74 at that same juncture. Unfortunately, as the drinks flowed throughout the night, people lost focus on the score and the winner was never officially determined. Judging from the pictures, however, it looks like everyone was a winner that day.