Govan Brown




Amid the relenting freezing temperatures that have pounded Southern Ontario in early February, our Toronto office took Friday, February 6th as an opportunity to stretch their legs and escape the winter chill by taking to the sheets of Mississauga Golf and Country Club for an afternoon of curling.  The second annual curling event which, admittedly, is not an ideal escape from the cold, is a young tradition that our Toronto staff has come to look forward to every year.  Having  piqued the interests of participants  last year,


this year's event had a large turnout of 30 would-be curlers ready to test their balance.  WIth the ceremonial "Eye Openers" in hand, our team mounted the school bus steps for the 30 minute ride from the office to MGCC.  Once there, our team underwent a brief refresher in rules and etiquette, followed by a lesson in how to toss rocks, sweep and slide.  After our coaching, we were split into teams of four and began our matches.  Along with close results,  there  were  close  calls and a few wipe-outs as  everyone 




worked out their respective kinks.  Following a brief recess - this consisted of a buffet of sliders, wraps, fries and beer - the teams returned to the ice for more curling.  Refreshed and recharged, the second session exhibited matches of a more fiery nature.  Unfortunately, the afternoon came to a close shortly after the completion of the matches.  As everyone poured back onto the bus, rivalries established and rekindled; thoughts were focused on next year and the scores left to be settled.