Govan Brown


On April 17th, 30 Govan Brown employees from the Toronto office took to the streets of our Junction neighborhood to participate in Clean Toronto Together, an annual event that occurs every spring. The social movement encourages businesses, students, and residents to participate in an informal 20 minute cleanup of their neighborhoods and public spaces. Govan Brown has taken part in  the event for  the past  5 years. Our group  left at 3  


o'clock in the afternoon and worked our way westward down Vine Avenue, picking up all rubbish along the way. We made a stop in the parkette on the north side of Vine and thoroughly swept the premises. Further along, we turned south and made our way to the busy Dundas Street West, the main artery of The Junction neighborhood. We turned east and picked through the rubbish on the main road all the way to Keele Street, turning north and returning


back to our home on Vine Avenue. In total we covered a 1.3 KM route and wrangled well over 100 pounds in garbage. Afterwards, our group made our way to a local pub where enjoyed what was left of the afternoon sun with some drinks and finger foods; it was the perfect ending to a rewarding day.