Govan Brown


March 3rd was a night for champions. Some are born gifted with supernatural talents while others must forge their greatness in the crucible of hearty competition. It was a mix of both that spurred Govan Brown that fateful Tuesday night; it was that witch's brew that guided them to victory. Five of Govan Brown's finest - cladded in black t-shirts, steeling themselves for battle - arrived at Toronto's premiere bowling and restaurant establishment, The Ballroom, for an evening of attrition and finger foods. The gods of yesteryear were looking out for our heroes that day, possibly a couple of cauldron-gazing warlocks watched also. Those witnessing the spectacle, deities and mortals alike, saw pin falls so numerous that  they resemb-

led fallen soldiers on a Napoleonic battle field. The local chapter of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario) invited friends from across the seven kingdoms of the GTA to compete in this tourney of honour. Some of the finest construction minds and designers were in attendance, mingling in peace - bellies full of sliders, mead and cocktails. But the harmony was short lived. As the competition began, Govan Brown's hedge knights ignored the siren calls of adjacent teams and focused on the objective: brining honour to house Govan Brown. This kindly soothsayer wishes he could say that the tournament was a smooth campaign but alas he cannot, the first three bowlers rolled a total of 17  points  after  the  initial  frame.

However, with the first frame out of mind, Spencer of Bowers set upon the game with 3 consecutive strikes; followed quickly by a between the legs strike from Ryan, Son of Thom and a forceful collision of ball and pin from Tyler the Brown. Unfortunately, following Govan Brown clan's successful campaign, we lost a soldier to weariness or as the afflicted in question (Katrina of house Herd) claimed that she "was wiped." Rejoicing in ale, occassionally teaching bowling techniques to the lesser knights in attendance, Govan Brown was announced victorious. The money raised by this tournament will benefit the new GTAC (GTA Chapter) Student Scholarship.