Govan Brown


2014 Clean toronto together

At Govan Brown, community involvement plays a large role in our corporate culture. On Friday, April 25th, we continued that tradition by engaging in the "Clean Toronto Together" program, a yearly event that occurs every spring encouraging Toronto businesses and citizens to clean up their respective neighborhoods. Govan Brown has participated in the annual event since 2011, but this year was the first opportunity to "Clean Toronto Together" in our new neighborhood in West Toronto. Twenty Govan Brown


 employees took to the streets of Toronto's Junction neighborhood in the rain to clean-up any loose litter and garbage. Our brigade strolled down Vine Avenue, picking up garbage along the way. We then stopped at the Vine Parkette and completed a wide sweep of the area to ensure all litter was properly disposed of. Our team continued down to Dundas Street West where our solid team of trash troubadours picked the sidewalks clean for two blocks. Upon our return, all  twenty  of  our volunteers


had full garbage bags. The event provided our staff with an opportunity to work as a team to improve our surroundings. The experience was rewarding and allowed us to familiarize ourselves with neighborhood, its buisnesses and patrons while keeping the street clean for all of its inhabitants.