Govan Brown


2013 govan brown cleans up toronto

On Friday, April 19, 2013, Govan Brown hit the streets for the 3rd consecutive year to participate in the annual Toronto 20-minute Makeover.  Armed with dozens of GLAD® garbage bags provided by the City, our staff volunteers worked together to rid our city of the litter that accumulated over the winter months.  At Govan Brown, we

believe this initiative not only brings our community closer together, but also expresses our commitment to protecting and improving the environment. The urban clean-up program was implemented over a decade ago and has since been supported by the Mayor each year.  The program calls on businesss, schools and the community at

large to come together each April for 20 minutes and do their part in making Toronto a beautiful place to live.  Govan Brown is proud to be part of this program and thanks everyone who participated.