Govan Brown



Govan Brown embarked on a month-long fundraiser from April 27-May 24 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  There were 5 teams in total.  Breast Foot Forward, Breast Friends, Breast Intentions, Rack 'N Roll and Simply The Breast.  The fundraiser started off with 3 challenges all worth $500 each to be won.  The challenges included the following:

1. Relay Race - winner Breast Foot Forward
2. Dexterity Challenge - winners Breast Friends and Rack 'N Roll
3. Photo Scavenger Hunt - winner Simply The Breast

Each team coordinated their own events to raise money which included a 10km walk-a-thon, bake sales, pot lucks, raffles and swear jars. 1 Relay Race, 3 Dexterity Challenges, 1 Photo Scavenger Hunt, 1 Walk-a-



Thon, a heap of 'friendly' collegial comradery and several bruised egos later ... and we managed to raise $45,000.00 to be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.The  winning team Simply The Breast managed to raise the most amount of money, which was matched by Govan Brown.  They truly are, Simply The Breast.  Sandra Palmaro, CEO of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation writes, " Congratulations, Govan Brown on your incredible fundraising success!  I'd like to sincerely thank everyone at Govan Brown for your support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as well as congratulate you on successfully fundraising an incredible $45,000 through your Charity Challenge Campaign.  Undoubtedly, your enthusiasm and creativity paired with a dose of good natured competition is a fantastic example of how  individuals  are able to channel an existing culture of team-


work to make an impressive contribution toward a future without breast cancer.  We are most appreciative of your dedication and efforts.   As a volunteer-driven organization, the Foundation's success has been, and always will be, dependent on the passionate support and involvement of volunteers and donors, like you.  Thanks to fundraising, you will help to ensure that essential research and programs are available to assist tens of thousands of Ontarians affected by breast cancer each year.  Once again, a sincere thank you, Govan Brown for your outstanding support."  Honorable mentions go out to all of our friends, families, clients, vendors, trades and suppliers for all their donations and support throughout this event, without whom, would not have been as successful as it was.  Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this great cause.