Govan Brown



Govan Brown raised $69,814.76 through fundraising initiatives and charity challenges and donated the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Society of Ontario. It was a spectacular month-long event that had Govan Brown employees working hand-in-hand from coast-to-coast. All Govan Brown employees were placed in teams. Each team had to organize various fundraising ideas to raise monies  which  included  selling bracelets at Union Station, on-site



bake sales, swear jars, letter bombs, and a charity concert by none other than our own Govan Brown band, Government Brown. Teams were also required to participate in charity challenges which included a Relay Race, Scavenger Hunt, Laser Tag and a Costume Contest. 
The winning team GOT PINK raised a total of $11,742.00
2nd place: Rack Pack $10,856.67


3rd place: Push-Up Pals $10,808.04
4th place: Construction For The Cure $10,482.00
5th place: Think Pink! $8589.05

Govan Brown is already planning another charity challenge for 2012 so stay tuned for more information!